JVA Midwest Volleyball Beach Championship (2019-08-03)

Important Updates: All divisions will check-in at the JVA tent from 8:00am-8:30am. Each player must have a JVA Release of Liability AND JVA Medical Release and Waiver Form ! There will then be a player meeting at 8:45am. Matches will begin at 9:00am. 


Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2019


Location: North Beach, Racine, WI


Divisions: Division dates have been updated! Saturday, August 3rd Girls 12's, 14's, 16's, 18's & Boys 12's, 14's, 16's & 18's.


Price: Girls 12’s, 14’s, 16’s & 18’s: $75; Boys 12’s, 14’s, 16’s & 18’s: $75


Housing: If you are in need of a hotel we have some great local options. Click here and look for "Housing" on our website! 


JVA Player Forms: JVA Release of Liability AND JVA Medical Release and Waiver Form


Payment options: There is a processing fee when paying via credit card. If you would like to send in a check to save on processing fee here are pricing for Girls and Boys divisions for checks: ALL Girls and ALL Boys divisions are $75.  Please send checks to the following address, Junior Volleyball Association 1414 Underwood Ave Suite 404 Milwaukee, WI 53213. With check please include a note with Midwest Beach Championship and last names of players. 

Search Tournament Teams and Players
Boys 18's (5 Teams)
Boys 16s & 18s Pool Sat. (Sat, Aug 3rd)

Playoff Brackets

Boys 16s & 18s BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourt: 7Finished
Girls 12's (10 Teams)
12s Girls Pool (Sat, Aug 3rd)

Playoff Brackets

Girls 12s Gold BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 5, 15, 16Finished
Girls 14's (25 Teams)
Girls 14s Pool (Sat, Aug 3rd)

Playoff Brackets

Girls 14s Gold BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 8, 13, 14Finished
Girls 14s Silver BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 10, 11Finished
Girls 14s Bronze BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourt: 12Finished
Girls 16's (24 Teams)
Girls 16s Pools (Sat, Aug 3rd)

Playoff Brackets

Girls 16s Gold BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 3, 4, 5, 6Finished
Girls 16s Silver BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 8, 9Finished
Girls 18's (10 Teams)
Girls 18s Pool (Sat, Aug 3rd)

Playoff Brackets

Girls 18s Gold BracketSat, Aug 3rdCourts: 1, 2Finished